Paradiso Amsterdam (centre) 

17:30 to 18:30 h 

Competition Judges :

Jade el Jabel (BR)

Rajaa Ben Moussa (MA/ CH)

Rachid Raqs (CW/ NL)


1st place:

 Orientalicious trophy/ Performance + Full Package at Orientalicious 2018/ Performance on international festivals/ Online course Shimmy & Layer training course/ Goodie bag Majorelle/ Makari Dreams

2nd place:

Workshop Package at Orientalicious 2018/  Goodie bag Majorelle/ Makari Dreams

3rd place:

 Orientalicious trophy/ 1 workshop at Orientalicious 2018/ Goodie bag Majorelle/ Makari Dreams

Competition Guidelines:

Please note that all participants of the open stage must have a ticket for the Galashow and participate in at least 1 workshop of Jade or Rajaa.

In the competition you can perform: Mejance, Baladi, Drumsolo, Folclore

KEEP IN MIND: all performances are limited to 4 minutes duration!

Maximum of 15 competitors

Subscribtion ends on May 27th!

Competition fee: 25 Euro

Subscription Form

3 + 14 =