Suraiya Ibrahim (Poland)

Workshop teacher & Performer

Suraiya since over a decade is a famous polish oriental artist, multi award winner, international performer and teacher. Her dedication to the art of oriental dance, knowledge, teaching and performing skills has been already appreciated in over 40 countries of 5 continents! Suraiya is well known for her technique, stage charisma and artistic interpretations of Oriental Dance. Suraiya is also a frequent member of the Jury during international competitions (Juror in 25 countries including World Cup, European Cup and Bellydancer of the World Contest). She owns Arabic Dance Academy and Artistic Agency “Suraiya” and she is a founder and artistic director of Egyptian Fever Festival and Desert Roses Group. Suraiya is also show and dvd producer. Apart of dancing, Suraiya is also a certified fitness, Pilates instructor and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy.

Nika Mlakar (Slovenia)

Workshop teacher, Performer & Judge

Nika is an internationally recognised dancer, choreographer and a dance teacher who performs at various domestic and foreign events and teaches workshops.

She has always been a very curious person who has showed interest for various areas, especially the arts. When still a little girl, she was a roller skater, she danced in a ballet group, she tried herself in singing, she played a violin and performed in a theatre. But it was the dancing that prevailed –making Nika never to have lost her enthusiasm over dancing, and her wish to achieve more and become the best had only intensified with years. In fact, it was the belly dance that has taken all her attention, love, passion and dedication. She started dancing the belly dance at the age of eleven and at the age of fifteen she started her own career with the aim to integrate various dancing techniques and perform together with Slovenian and foreign dancers. During this period she dedicated her time to hip-hop classes, modern dance, show dance and modern dancing techniques. She demonstrated her knowledge in dancing at various events and at competitions. Her talent and admiration of the belly dance has led her to win several titles at various levels. Thus, in addition to receiving the title of the World Junior Champion in Classic Belly Dancing in 2008 she also became the World Junior Vice-Champion in modern dancing technique.



Osama Mimi Farag (Egypt)

Workshop teacher, Performer & Judge

Osama Mimi Farag has the pure Egyptian tradition in his veins. He is Professional Dance Instructor of Egyptian folklore and Oriental dance styles. He started from very young age to dance, because of the Artistic family roots he has and after decides to turn this natural talent to his profession.
He start first to study the folklore styles with the famous Mahmoud Reda in his “Reda troupe” for about 4 years. And after that he decides to change and moved to “Gawmeya troupe”, where he found the 2 most famous and different styles of folklore in Egypt.
During this period he became a professional dancer and starts his own career with performances at many places in Egypt, and especially at the tourist places like Sharm Elshikh, Hurgada, Taba, Luxor, Aswan and Cairo.
In 2003 & 2004 he won the first place at the International Folklore festival in Istanbul as the Best male Folkloric dancer. Some of the styles he does are: Raks Sharqi, Saidi, Nubian, Eskandrany & Mellaya leff, Fallahy, Bambouty & Semsemya, Shaabi, Ghawazy, Hagala, Dabka, Oriental Dance, Tanora dance.
In 2011 he moved to live in Prague (Czech Republic) where he found the new opportunities and experiences in Europe. He start teaching and giving permanently seminars around the world, in countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Belarus and others. As well he is Official member teacher at the famous Nile Group Festival in Cairo, which is happening few times yearly.
“I’m so happy from the gift that God gives me – that I can make the people around me, to connect with me during my performances and thought my work, and that I can send my positive Energy to all of them.

Aisa Lafour (Netherlands)

Performer & Founder of Orientalicious festival

Aisa Lafour is a professional bellydancer, instructor, judge on international dance competitions and event organizer of the Orientalicious festival and the Syriana Nights. In 2003 she got her fashion degree in design & styling on the Amsterdam Fashion Institute at Hogeschool Van Amsterdam. In 2006 Aisa graduated at the “Kader Opleiding Werelddans” in Rotterdam. Since then she is a diplomated teacher of general- and world dances, specialized in Oriental bellydance and Latin/Brazilian dances. In 2008 Aisa was the nr 1 winner of the contest “Bellydancer of the world 2008” . She is a sought after bellydance artist, known for her sensual elegance, emotion transmission through movement, strong technique, her musicality and her warm relation with her public. Aisa is invited at numerous dance events from around the world, to perform, teach and judge competitions.

Aisa is the founder of the Heartbeat of Bellydance school in Amsterdam and online and owner of the Hearbeat Dance studio.


Nina (Greece / Belgium)


Belly dancer since the age of 9 years.

Passionate since then, I have been able to meet great people.

In 2009 I participated in the international dance competition in Germany organized by Leyla Jouvana, I won the first place in the category JUNIOR.
I then performed on different stages (Germany during the Kami Liddl show, Festival of Oriental Dance, Music Festival, Theater Saint Michel of Brussels, Royal Opera Liege, Hafla in honor of Saida, Hafla in honor from Anasma, in Greece during the show of Rachel Brice, in Milan during the show of Anasma and Linda faoro, Paris during the show of Sharon Kiara …).
I am also part of the Koukles duo with which we travel a lot and organize an annual show with international dancers.
At the second edition of Belgium’s Got Talent I won the semi finals with the duo KOUKLES.

Bellydance is part of my life and it’s a real pleasure to join the Orientalicious Festival!

Ula Slovenia)


Winner of the “Bellydancer of the World” 2017 in Duisburg.